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Suddenly a Senior

One thing is constantly consistent when I get to photograph High School Seniors, the look of excitement in their eyes at the prospects ahead - and the look of disbelief on the face of a Mom who doesn't know where the time went.

What isn't as usual is to find a family with a backyard that rivals all outdoor photography studios I've ever had the privilege to shoot in. Nor is it common to find a High School boy who so quickly falls into poses I don't have to coach at all. Jonathan was a dream to work with this weekend!

Photography tip for those not as bless at the art of mugging it for the camera: Always be comfortable!! Camera's are like children, they tell the truth. So if a photographer ever coaches you into a pose that makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable you can be certain that will translate on film. I always tell my clients to get close to what I'm suggesting but in their own way. I want people I work with to own the position, and feel confidant in it.

Hope that helps =)

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