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Mountain Nuptials

There is nothing more quintessential Colorado than a Rocky Mountain wedding. If you happen to have one at a rock amphitheater with naturally quarried stone overlooking the beautiful town of Boulder you are more than lucky. But the true treat of this stunning location isn't just the views but the price tag that doesn't break the bank, allowing couples to focus on exactly what weddings should be about, each other ... and not all the jobs you have to work to pay them off.

On a cool Sunday in August Julia and Gabe gathered with friends and family to come together as one. The day was filled with laughter, boulder climbing, and playing in meadows. It's the type of authentic love I want to be around and why I was super excited to accept the offer of being their photographer. I've spent the year busy so I've had to be a bit more choosy about the adventures I take part in. This wedding, drenched in love, understanding, and partnership was a no-brainer.

I felt so incredibly blessed to spend a few hours with them on their special day!

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