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Hi, I'm Sarah!

My Mother gave me my first camera when I was ten years old, back when – you know – film actually had to be developed. I would spend all of my time, and allowance, developing blurry pictures of trees and my family during the holidays. My love of photography had been born.  

I worked with a film camera up through college, taking multiple photography classes and spending most of my free time in the dark room. Though I've been working with digital for over ten years, I still miss processing my own shots in chemical baths.

To me, photographs represent a memory – a moment in time captured in a way that evokes the emotions you were feeling. For that reason, I strive to shoot and edit photos that are more intimate and natural in setting.

That is why I either come to you or take you to beautiful outdoor locations for our photo session together. Places where we can be personal and unique with the photos. Places that will set the tone for pictures that will always have meaning…to you.

Believing that photo sessions should be jovial and easy, I love to bring a lighthearted approach that includes laughing and good times. So bring that smile, tutu, and goofy attitude and let's have fun.


I can't wait to meet you!

Why did I do this project? 

In 2015 I had the honor of being interviewed by a French magazine. The topic of that month's publication was "women" and what that really means- can we redefine it. I was asked, as a strong business woman (their words, not mine) to answer a few questions. I was so touched. Since this publication will never be on the internet I thought I would share one of my answers. 

Interviewer: If you were a stereotypical movie character, who would it be and why?

Sarah: Probably the one that gets her head shaved- wears combat boots with her pink tutu- and ends up sacrificing herself during an epic battle she wasn't afraid to join. 

The girl who isn't the main love interest unless the leading male has brooding issues... or is a post-apocalyptic war hero (since those are the only men the world seems to think would find those kinds of women attractive)...

Because that's the type of girl I am in real life. Put me in an evening dress and by the end of the night I will still run barefoot through mud towards the mountains. I've always been a balance between softness and pure energy. The words I use to describe "feminine" are: unkempt, wild, passionate, adventurous, and brave. 

I vividly remember six months after surviving chemo people were already asking me if I was going to get hair extensions for my short locks, or why I wasn't wearing a wig. They couldn't believe I would be a girl willing to walk around "looking like a lesbian" as they told me. For me I never felt more myself and lovely- short hair helped the inner me shine even more. 

I don't think this is societies idea of "beautiful"...the shaved head movie girl is never titled "pretty female lead." But being the tabloid idea of gorgeous has never been an interest of mine. 

The truth, I think, is that beauty is so much deeper - a uniqueness and feeling about you that makes you different-special. ​I may stumble here and there in life but I will never let myself be the girl that settled in a cage. 

Selfie Project

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