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Confused? Hopefully this helps!
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What if I do nudity?

This usually comes up with maternity shots and obviously for boudoir photos. I personally believe that nude images while you are pregnant or nursing are beautiful. However, I also understand that these images are for your and your spouse's eyes only.

Because of this I will create two separate ways to enter your gallery. One will be the "client" way. With this feature you can "hide" the photos your guests see. Your guest will sign in under "guest". This allows you to download all images (under client) but only the images not hidden when you are guest. 

The power is in your hands on what you want to share in any of your galleries. Even if you want to give out the link YOU decide what is visible to guests. 

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What does "minimum photo's" mean?

Most photographers out there work in "maximums"... aka: You will get a maximum of 12 images. Then they take all the shots they captured of you and boil them down to ONLY 12 images that you get to keep. I work opposite of that method.


Every shoot is different. Sometimes we are really jiving (is that word still used?) and I get 100 edited images when I normally only get 20. I will then give you all 100 images. I don't like to put a cap on things. Instead I give you a guaranteed starting point. By setting my minimum I'm letting you know that you can expect AT LEAST that many photos. Most of the time you get more than the minimum. 

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Do I need to pay extra for my images?

Many photographers will quote you a price and that includes your shoot only. Later they tell you that you must pay for the rights to your photos. Or that your guests must pay for photos. The price that I quote includes all edited digital images. You and anyone you choose may download your images for free. 

Private Parties

Images, People, and Places 

How do I get my images?

 I work with a website called pixieset to create an online gallery of all your images. When you work with me you get all rights to your edited photos. This means I invite you to share a downloadable gallery of all your images with whomever you wish.


Anyone who looks at your gallery will be able to download, favorite, and share pictures. You have a set number of days that we will discuss to download your entire gallery to your personal machine. 

Can I do a senior photo session with my friend/ boyfriend?

I love "BFF" or "true-love" senior photos. Often times it can be more fun to bring a friend or boyfriend and include a few shots at the end together. I even offer discounted rates if you and a friend want to split a senior photo-session.


This goes for portrait sessions as well. Grab your girlfriends, or colleagues and let's do some headshots. Email me for details. 

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Where do you take your pictures? 

I like to come to you in your space. I also love outdoor, beautiful scenery, backyard shots. I know a ton of beautiful locations: Both in the mountains and in the city. We will find a space that works best for you!

Corporate Events

Technique, Time, and location

What technique do you use? 

I'm a natural light photographer, meaning I use little flash. Because of this, I work with you to schedule your shoot when the light is optimal. Flash can and will be used in low light situations (like wedding receptions) and to create dramatic effects like low key photos. 

How long does it take to get my photos?

I pride myself in how quickly I can deliver a client's images to them. Because I try to do minimal editing typically turn around time is pretty speedy. However, this all depends on the type of shoot we do. If it is a wedding you will be receiving a lot more images than say a senior photo shoot. We will discuss length when we meet.


But because I know you will be excited, I try and provide you with 1 -10 preview images a few days after your shoot. 

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Where are you located?

I'm a Colorado Photographer out of the Denver Metro area. I traditionally take photos in the Denver, Boulder, Idaho Springs, Golden, Conifer, Morrison, and Evergreen. However, I'm totally open to travel.


Most of the time I don't even add an additional charge for travel as long as you are in an area close to those listed above. Contact me and we can work something out =)

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