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Home is where the heart is!

I'm an absolute lover of the mountains. Camping, hiking, fishing, exploring old mine shafts, 4 wheeling, you name it and like a dog hearing the word WALK.... I'm out the door before you are. My parents were brave enough to throw me in a sleeping bag and bring me to the woods as of 4 months old and I've been hooked ever since.

It's an interesting balance being a wedding photographer and loving to be out amongst the trees, as summer weekends are often gobbled up by one or the other, the two playing tug of war on my time.

Still, as much as I can I find my boots on dusty trails, my trusty Rav4 covered in pollen and mud, and my tent dripping with dew and mountain rain. I run towards the Rockies as though pulled, my soul lighter and more full with each mile I climb into the peaks. I'm still the girl in the overalls with a fishing pole or tent-flap in hand - brunette now, and not sure I rock them the same way.

They say home is where the heart is and the older I get the more and more that rings true. Home is a person, a feeling, a place where you can be you unencumbered. It's the people that make you laugh during every conversation, the things that just come easy in life, that bring a spring to your step and adventure to your heart. For me that's seeing a blanket of stars douce the light of day, it's the crackle of wood in a fire pit, and the goofy banter over whiskey in camping mugs. Life is too short to not find it as delicious as much as possible.

Are you a lover of the stars, the trees swaying in the wind, the lack of civilization and city life? If we ever bump into each other on an adventure please come say hello!

Back to the woods now....

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