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Hi All!

Welcome to my new website past readers, and hello to my newbies. For a while I've been wanting to change my photography name. Over five years ago friends of mine, who had known that I was moonlighting as a photographer for a long time, encouraged me to build a website and start advertising my work. Up until that point people simply found my through friends and I didn't do much self promotion. I struggled with the idea of going online for a long time. Not a web designer I was certain my novice skills in creating the best .com would take away from my work, hiding the passion I put into my craft. I'm still grateful to this day that I took the leap and got in the internet game, but even back then I knew that naming my business something generic didn't match up with who I was as a person and an artist.

It's taken me a few years, a lot of learning, and many iterations of my site to even get close to something I'm proud of but it's still a work in progress. I think that's what I love about art, that it can constantly morph, adapt, and change as we grow as a human.

So welcome to my new site, I hope you stop by periodically and say hello.

As a way to introduce myself I wanted to start by re-posting something from my old webpage that I think gives a good glimpse of who I am as a photographer and the message I want to send those looking to get into it.

I hope you enjoy!

I'll never forget a phone call ten years ago with my mother. I was rattling off some escapade my best friend Sassy and I had gotten into over the weekend, when she stopped me mid sentence.

"You know, you two really should do a podcast." 

Back then podcasts were just getting up and running. Though Sassy and I were in radio (she has the voice of a radio queen, and I can talk a lot so we make a good pair), we didn't know much about the medium... which in retrospect would have been a great time to get into it. I guess even at 23 your first instinct can be - I know you think I'm talented Mom, but who would want to listen to me speak? - instead of - Wow, you really think we could do it?

Flash forward 10 years, a lot of life experience, and a sprinkle more wisdom later, and now not only am I trying to convince my best friend to do a podcast with me, but I was HONORED to be asked on as a guest of a kick ass woman focused Podcast. The Not Starving Artist! 

If you've ever wanted to be an artist that is not only selling their work, but successful at it - you should check her out. Click Here. I'm only one of 18 successful people ready to talk about how they make their craft work for them. 

If you want to listen to my interview click on the links below. 

Want to check out old blog posts of mine? They will be up for a little bit here:

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