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Decorated Denver

I've always been inspired by street artists. Drawing has never been my strong suit and I sit in wonder watching those that can transform something plain into something other worldly. When I pick up a camera or a pencil to write I can feel the story forming around me, a mix of magic that I can somehow tap into and shine a light upon. I imagine street artists, or people that can draw of any kind, feel the same way. Something in them pours out when they see a wall, or white sheet of paper and they simply become the conduit in which that medium takes life.

Whatever it is, however your art comes to you, I hope you never stop.

On an overly sunny day this weekend I decided to walk the alleyways in Denver to see what I could discover. I wasn't disappointed. Any photographer knows that bright sunlight washes things out so I was challenging myself to capture the essence of the work while dealing with not ideal camera settings. Yes, I was cursing the sun the whole time and waiting for the clouds. It ended up being a good practice because you don't often get to only go out shooting on cloudy or overcast days. It's a skill I try to keep up periodically so I'm prepared in any time of situation.

Not going to lie though, I can't wait to go back first thing in the morning, or on a dark day.

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