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When planning my trip to Iceland it was hard to figure out what I wanted to see in the short time I had. Worried I would pack too much into the too few days that were available to me, I opted not to do the full ring road. By the time I had arrived in Iceland I kicked myself for making this choice. Not only would I have been able to see so much more than I did, the landscape changes so drastically from one direction to the next, which was really cool to experience. 

Looking back, almost a year later, I realize I was smart. By not spending the whole trip driving I was able to actually enjoy the places I was at. It also leaves a lot for me to go back and see. 

The one day we were able to make it a bit west was an incredible day of driving, mountains, and views. It is almost impossible to explain how amazing the scenery is and how badly I wanted us to pull over so I could climb through it. 

Our destination was Iceland's most photographed mountain: Kirkjufell. Situated in the Snæfellsnes peninsula (eventual the mountain in Journey to the Center of the Earth would be named after this area as well as a 14er in Colorado) it was a great way for us to head out to the start of the Icelandic fjords. 

You can take the tunnel under the ocean to cut off about 50 minutes of this trek, but I'm glad we saved this option for the way back and took the long way round on the way out. It allowed us to discover old Viking villages by the side of the road, and experience the incredible landscape that makes of the fingers of the peninsula.

We stopped to stretch our legs in the town of Borganes, a beautiful little sea village. 

Travel Tip: Take some time in Borganes to visit the museum: The Settlement Center. The food there is incredible, as is the view, not to mention the awesome audio tours you can take. They give you a glimpse of what Iceland was like during the sagas. If you are looking for the wonderful Myth and Legend feel that Iceland has to offer, you won't be disappointed. It is a true Icelandic experience. 

Too soon we were on the road again.

We reached Kirkjufell in the late afternoon. Icelandic horses grazed farm land riddled with waterfalls as the sun drench the world in a golden hue. 

Iceland might be known for it's waterfalls, but it was also constantly blessed with rainbows. Since my Grandmother's ashes came with us on this trip I like to think it was a sign from her that she approved of the travels as much as we did. 

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