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Just peachy...

Peach fuzz tickles my fingers as I stretch on my tiptoes to the highest part of the branch. The orchard smells like wet mud and decaying leaves, a delicious mixture indicating the end of summer and fruit season. I'm slightly tipsy from wine tastings, and the warm breeze blowing my hair from my face. Shadows of leaves dance across my face as the trees too sway in the wind.

Colorado is a never-ending playground for all types of personalities. Want history? We have some of the most amazing mining museums in the Rockies. Hiking more your thing? We have 50+ fourteeners (the cute nickname us locals have for our 14,000 foot mountains) for you to explore. And while most people could close their eyes and envision our glorious state in this way, a lot of people are shocked by the fact that we are also known for libations... and no, I'm not talking about our numerous breweries and distilleries, but our more sophisticated side of viniculture.

Nestled near the sandy book cliffs on the eastern edge of our boarders, lies the beautiful town of palisade. Lush in a landscape that leans towards arid, this little oasis is the perfect Mecca for all things fruit. It's the perfect place for a long weekend getaway, for bike rides, and wine tasting, for picking your own fruit, and local parades (these happen during the peach festival every August) that take you back to a time when things like this were common.

Fruit stands hold boxes of peaches, pregnant with flavor, and ready for pies, ice cream, or freezing for later. The options are endless.

If you ever get a chance to visit this area of our beautiful state make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy the loop and experience all this rich landscape has to offer.

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