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Dear Sarah, You say you are a goofy and easy going photographer. What does that mean? 

- Curious

Hello Curious,    It means that you will spend your day with me laughing, coming up with secret inside jokes (no seriously, like 99% of my clients will laugh at a certain photo because of a private moment we had together), and "playing' rather than posing. Though my approach to photography might not seem serious, my dedication to delivering a good photo is 100% focused.

 For me, photos that I love don't look overly posed or uncomfortable. I think they best way to help clients relax in front of the camera is to truly let them become themselves. I do this with a very laid back approach. 

I'm often laying in the mud to get a unique angle, laughing along with my clients when something goes wrong or weird, and I 100% encourage my clients to do what feels right on the day. 

After all, these are their photos... not mine. It is my work, so I am continually focused on doing my thing behind the lens to capture it in the best way possible... but I don't want people to do things that aren't "them." 

It is simply my style, Curious. I like when clients can have fun, even for formal pictures. 

Hope that answers your question. 

PS: Nope, I won't tell you any of the inside jokes... but yes, many of the pictures I post are those specific images =)


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