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Dear Sarah, I recently booked a couple for an engagement session. I specialize in nature photography just like you, but this couple wanted a downtown photo session. I told the couple that a park or beach would be better but they insisted. I wasn't comfortable but I thought the photos turned out Ok. The couple hates them. Now I don't know what to do, they are questioning if they still want to use me as their wedding photographer. 

As a nature photographer, how do you convince your clients to go to a more reasonable location? 

-In love with nature. 

Hello In Love With Nature (ILWN),         How do I convince clients to go to a more reasonable location? The answer is simple ILWN, I don't. Never, not at all. 

I might convince clients of the best time for a photo shoot, based on location, but in the end I let them choose where they want it to be. Locations are typically very special to people, and are chosen because they mean something to them. The only time I pick a client's location is if they have no idea where they want it to be and I have free reign. 

In that case will I pick a nature location? 9 times out of 10 YES! Simply because I love nature and the juxtaposition of humans in nature. 

I hate to say it ILWN, but I can understand your Client's concern. Now is not the time to blame them for location, but to make it up to them for an experience they weren't pleased with. I would suggest a second free photo shoot to smooth things over. I would even suggest you pick the wedding venue for this location or a venue similar so you can see what it will be like on their big day. 

As for city vs. nature, ILWN I would suggest you start getting used to working in both. There will be many clients that want a city location, especially for their wedding. Start right now today! Give friends free photo sessions to practice, or entice a new couple to sign with you by offering free city engagements. Either way, you need to be comfortable in all locations if you truly want to have access to the photography market. 

Last but not least, you can always find nature in the city. Often times when I'm shooting urban I still find beautiful trees or benches to work with. Play around and you will find your voice in the world of concrete and asphalt. 

Good luck!

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