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Dear Sarah, How do you feel if your friends don't pick you as a photographer? 

- Choosy Friends 

First, I say this a lot and I will continue to say it, PHOTOGRAPHY IS ART - AND ART IS SUBJECTIVE. 

Not everyone is going to like your style of photography... and that is okay! 

Most importantly though, you wouldn't want someone who doesn't really like your photography to book you just because you are their friend. In a situation like that they might end up hating their pictures (and not because you are a crapy photographer, but because you just aren't there style)... there is nothing worse than a friend feeling like they are doing you a favor and in the end they wind up getting disappointed by the results.  

I know a few people close to me that are photographers and I'm not impressed at all by there work. It is okay! My opinion is only one, other opinions will be different. 

If friends pick someone else, don't let it upset you. As a photographer I always try to remind people I know and love that they don't have to use me, I won't be offended. Matching a photographer with a client is important, it's like going on a good date. You want there to be chemistry and excitement and not a let down in the end. 

Love your friends, and give them a pass to pick the photographer that really matches up with them. Trust me, in the end it will save more friendships than it harms. 

It doesn't mean it won't hurt. There are a few friends that have gone another way and it made me sad, but I have to remind myself that it isn't personal. 

Keep shooting, Choosy Friends, the right people will find you. 

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