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Working on a project

While I consider myself a creative, I don’t always look at myself as a true artist. It might be that since I was a kid I’ve longed to have the skill to put pencil or paint to paper and to draw creations into life. I watch as my best friend doodles his dreams on sticky notes in awe, and gaze lovingly at my cousins water colors. It’s made me think a lot lately about the term artist, what does it mean, what counts, how does one qualify? I personally like to play around with different art mediums and stretch my artsy muscles by trying something new, or practicing something I admire in others. My constantly turning brain dreams, crafts, imagines and so this spring I’ve decided to put my photoshop skills to work this year and bridge the gap between what I do and what I long to be good at.

I envision I will create postcards from these. What ways have you transformed your thinking this year?

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