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Where should I take my senior photos?

One of the biggest questions I get is about location for senior photos. While it's common for the school photographer to show up each year and snap an image, senior photos are one of the first big times in life that you get to not only choose your outfit, but the location the photos are shot in, the pose, how you want the whole vibe to feel. Since it's not something we all do on a regular basis, at least not before selfies were popular, it's easy to see why it can be daunting to know where to start. When you are a Colorado photographer most clients know at least one thing, that they want to be in nature. Which is great, because we have a lot of landscapes to choose from.

If you are in the market for senior photos, and you are trying to pick your location. I always suggest to keep only three things in mind. If you can make it simple, you can stick to the heart of what the photos are about... which is YOU. You are supposed to have fun, be relaxed, and have a moment to show off who you are.

What are those three things you ask?

  1. Remember that a lot of the background won't be in the photo. Yes, you can take a photo with a car, graffiti, or a prop, but most of the time the background won't be heavily in the photo so it's not worth stressing about it too much. You just need a general idea of what you like. Do you like nature? Great, even a park can work for a nature location. Do you like flowers? Why not a garden...etc.

  2. Think about how comfortable you are in front of a camera. I have clients that ask to go to locations that are very popular and touristy. I understand why they would want this, a lot of times a bunch of their classmates also got photos there. If you aren't super comfortable in front of a camera, going to a place that has lots of people can feel really exposed. Imagine posing while everyone is watching. For clients that are a bit on the shy side I like to suggest less known locations that are just as pretty but where we can be alone as they get comfortable posing. It's up to you, but knowing your comfort level and how popular a location is can really help make the photoshoot more fun.

  3. Lastly, these photos are about you. Bring your favorite items, wear your favorite clothes, do that pose you typically do with your friends. It's all about having fun. When thinking of a location pick one that really matches with your personality so you feel at home. An artist can pick a location with a lot of paint, or cool architecture, most importantly you are unique so your photos should be too. While the background might not be in the photo too much, you should spend the whole time feeling like your most authentic self, it really helps make the shoot as fun as possible. Don't aim to do what others have done, do what makes you feel like you.

Hope this helps!

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