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When your family is all you need

When your mom has purple hair (which she expertly died herself) and your dad loves to traipse through the snow, you are pretty much a kid that has hit the jackpot when it comes to the adventure that life is going to bring you.

This beautiful family decided to pack up their stuff and take a chance on Colorado the same month the pandemic shut down the world. Moving into their first Rocky Mountain place the day the Governor shut down the state must have been an experience, but needing only each other this family has thrived in their new home.

When they contacted me last fall they knew they wanted to capture their life change in the mountains, and they wanted to play in snow. I was so stoked to work with these kind hearted souls it was torture waiting for winter to finally be upon us.

I can honestly say in all the time I've been photographing families I've never had a kid that was this good, and energetic the WHOLE photo shoot. I wish I still had this kind of energy. His love of life was infectious.

It is a pretty bold move to pick up and change your whole life, and to do it during a pandemic is an extra layer of crazy, but they say it's the chances you don't take that you regret the most, and this family, with their love and support of each other really reminds us all that home is the people that mean the most to you, not the place.

Welcome to Colorado Allen Family! We are lucky to have such kind hearted, down to earth people like yourselves.

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