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What will I be when I'm older?

As the school year winds down and another class graduates, a fresh set of inspired, eager, and maybe a bit scared, group of humans enters the adult world and looks around. We've all been there, that moment where we suddenly don't have a curfew, where our decisions are our own, where we are headed off to college or getting our first real job. As I drove home from this fun night with Jack, playing in the fields beneath the towering flatirons of Boulder, I think back to the days I was contemplating that all to important question..."What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Some people already know from the time they are little where their destiny is taking them, others laugh it off as something they will figure out when they are older, and then older still, never settling on that one thing, always trying something new. Some people find that what they always thought they wanted isn't exactly what they thought it would be and change halfway through.

I find all these types of people to be courageous. The world is a wondrous place of possibility and enchantment that is so easy to see in the hopeful eyes of those getting ready to don their cap and gown, say goodby to the person they were, and bravely set foot into the person they are to become. Congrats to Jack and everyone in the class of 2022. May your journey be better than the destination, may you never stop learning, never stop growing, may you always have someone on your side, and may your lessons be easy to recover from. May you never lose the wonder you feel right now for the world and all the possibilities that lay at your feet. Never lose that prospect, you always have the ability to change and shift and become who you want to be. May your memories filling the corners of your mind and your worries be fleeting. May you always wonder who you will be and experience the joy that comes with discovering that person.

The truth is, I don't think any of us have it figured out, but it's those that keep trying, that keep believing, and keep at it that end up getting the closest.

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