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The start of something good...

I can look back at my life and see how blessed I've always been to have amazing people cross my path. Years ago during my radio days, Greg became part of my work family. Working at a radio network is like being adopted by the most wonderful weirdos you will ever meet and there are many days, as I drift further into my 30s that I look back and my 20s and realize what incredible experiences I have been through, and how much they have shaped how I am today. The warmth that comes from your colleagues being like your brothers and sisters has helped me retain the fact that I'm a hugger, that I probably ask too many personal questions because I'm genuinely curious about people and what makes them tick. It also is the reason that if you get into my heart I don't ever let go, and over the years as Greg started dating, and eventually married Aubrey, I adopted them both as staples in my life. I love these two incredible humans who are so well suited to each other that I couldn't contain my excitement when I found out they were expanding their own nuclear family.

Aubrey and Greg are that type of couple that you can just tell have a deep rooted foundation in friendship. Like magnets they are never far from one another, always touching and laughing together at inside jokes. Greg looks at Aubrey the way that is written about in books, the way that all women want to be looked at by men.

True soulmates. This little nugget has no idea that they have picked the perfect parents and are about to join the most loving, and large family made up of friends and loved ones. I had the most amazing and cold day with these two, playing around the graffiti covered alleys in the back nooks of Denver.

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