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The Picture Of Forever

When a family member falls in love you hope for them a best friend, someone that takes the time to really see the beauty that is their soul, a person that can tell them everything is going to be okay while holding their hand through the storms, someone that they create a whole new language of inside jokes with, a person that knows their coffee order, their remedies when they are sick, the owner of their special smile- the one that adds a twinkle to their eye.

A partner not just in crime but in dishes, and household chores, a non-judgmental ear that listens when they speak and really hears what is being said, a supporter of goals, and a co-conspirator of daydreams, the supplier of kind words and giggles.

The kind of love they want to brag about even when they are venting.

In a world that is normally difficult that has turned even harder, you hope that they have found hope itself in a soul that resonated on the same frequency as their own, that they have more in common than they do different, that they complement each other, and know how to put each other in their place- gently- when needed.

I couldn't be happier for you Abby because it's clear that James is that love for you. I don't know all that is in store for you two, bu I do know it will be beautiful and full of genuine love. I'm so happy you found each other. Thank you for reminding me how fun an urban engagement session can be. Welcome to the family James, we couldn't be more lucky to have you!

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