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Something old and something new

The Harcek family found themselves at that places we all let ourselves slip into, two more kids and no new family photos. We often all get busy living life that we don't often stop to give ourselves a moment to really celebrate where we are. New jobs, new relationships, new family members become one more thing that happens in the month and before we know it a few years have past and it's hard to believe where all the time went. I was super excited to get a chance to play with this beautiful family and was even more stoked about it when I found out they wanted to do their images on the old train bridges in Denver. Historical architecture always makes for a great backdrop.

Though I do believe we are born with interests/ gifts and I have always been captivated by taking still images, it wasn't just when I became a photographer that I realized the value in having something to look back at. Back before the days of cell phone images, and selfies, I would flip through my parents old photo albums and try to image what it was like to be a part of their backyard BBQ, or camping trip, or feel what they felt taking our family photo.

I am that annoying friend on trips who wants to capture a moment, to get up early to chase a sunrise, and will often see future husbands and wives while they are slow dancing and think no one is watching. I love looking back through adventures and reliving the story.

I know that not everyone can afford to hire a professional photographer for every life changing moment. Most of us photographers offer deals at different times a year, so keep an eye out for them. Or encourage another family to do a shoot with you. You can split the cost of a photo session and get half the time for your private family while they get the other half for them. It often gives you plenty of photos at 1/2 the prices. This often makes a great gift to your significant other too, by the way.

If this isn't an option I do encourage you to take your own pictures, even if it's to give you an hour where you truly let yourself be in the moment. Hug your family close while you wait for the camera self timer to count down and remember how you got here, how lucky you are, and that the best is yet to come!

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