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Out of technology quarantine, straight into social distancing... Hello 2020

Hi All,

The end of 2019 found me full of joy, behind on personal travel photos to edit, and burned out from technology. One of the reasons I love photography is that I get to experience life in person. I feel incredibly honored by every couple that lets me first hand experience their magical moments with them, wether it's a wedding, engagement, or family time. This job comes with a decent amount of alone screen time as you edit the stories you've captured, and post thoughts into the black hole of the internet in a hopes it touches someone in a positive way. After twelve months of this I often find I need time to recharge, and interact in person. Because of this I took a small pause in January as I planned weddings with clients, and last minute senior photo announcements. As I sent my emails and stayed away from social media, the CDC started sending news bulletins about staying away from people.

Now here we are.

Interacting with social media will always be a struggle for me. I have a hard time being in front of a screen when I can be out in nature, laughing over a glass of whiskey, or snapping new love from behind a lens. However, as we all go through uncertain times I wanted to get back on and send my warm thoughts to anyone that needs it. My heart breaks for couples having to reschedule their big day, kids who are getting behind in school, and anyone that's sick or suffering right now. While I do my small part to be flexible, I am so grateful to those out there that are able to do more. Those who go to work through this every day, who aren't able to pick a different date for their upcoming events.

I'm not sure what the future holds, but thanks to all the kind notes from you dear readers I am planning on getting back on and posting things I didn't get a chance to get around to from last year. Hopefully remembering the good will help someone who needs it.

I know that it's easy to not take this seriously, to want to break the rules against this faceless, and often symptomless killer, but the geek in me hopes we all remember a little line from Star Wars: It's not about fighting what we hate, it's about saving what we love.

Thank you to everyone taking it seriously, and saving those who might be more susceptible.

More posts soon, stay healthy!

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