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Love finds a way

These two beauties were all geared up to celebrate their love last summer when the whole world shut down. In masks, and with a scattered few friends, they eloped in the mountains of Colorado, eagerly waiting the day the world would be a safer place for them to come together and celebrate what we all knew to be a true soul mate kind of story. I would be lying if I said I wasn't sitting on the edge of my seat to also see this beautiful wedding come to fruition.

When I first met Doug and Megs I quickly heard the story of the engagement ring, and how Doug, finding out which vintage ring was Meg's favorite, (it's beautiful to reuse others rings, what a great way to keep the love alive) went and quickly bought it in anticipation of the biggest question he was ever going to ask. I heard about how sad she was when she went and visited the vintage shop to find out it was sold, not knowing she was the lucky lady who would adorn it for the rest of her life. I thought this would be the sweetest story about Megs and Doug, how he was so attentive and in tune he was with her, but I was wrong. On their celebration of love day, redoing their wedding in front of the friends and family they had hoped to celebrate with in 2020, more and more stories came out about just how smitten Doug has been all along. It turns out the biggest question he'd ever ask Meg was to go on one of their very first dates at frozen dead days. It was this question that would set them on the path of hand fasting in front of a crowd as they said their I-dos for the second time. Not only was she game to head up to a crazy day she had never experienced, and to meet his family for the first time, she was equally as enthusiastic and competitive as they competed in games, and celebrated this family tradition. Not only was Doug smitten, his whole family was too. No matter who had come before, Meg was it, and they were ready to bring her into the fold.

There was not a dry eye in the house as these two committed to each other. Happy tears streaked all faces as everyone who watched knew they were witnessing something magical, a pair of best friends who bring out the best in each other, moving into the next chapter of their lives.

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