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Looking back at a year well spent

Are you a resolution person? Do you pass into the new year without thought? Me personally, I'm a goal setter. While others are hoping to quit or change something, I personally love to imagine all the ways I want to take on life in the year to come. It's become somewhat of a tradition to sit down and make a list of all the adventures I want to take, milestones I want to cross, and things I want to experience. It has also become a habit to relook at the list at the end of the year to see how well I did, how many things I can cross off, and what needs to be added again to the goals I'm making. It's funny to think that during the year I often don't see or look back at this list, maybe because life gets busy, or because while I like to plan I'm also the type of person that loves spontaneity and going where the wind takes me. It's also become fun to see how a year develops, was it similar to what I wished for? Different? I'm usually pleasantly surprised by how close I've come to doing all that I wanted to do, and also happy with all the magical things I never originally dreamed up manifested themselves in my life. 2022 was a year of nature, camping, hiking, biking, it was a year of concerts and broadway musicals, it was a year of deepening friendships, multiple states, James Bond audio books, and cemeteries... so many cemeteries.

For those of you that spent the year with me, you are my favorite!

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