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It takes a village...

It's the famous saying you hear all the time when it comes to photography "an image is worth a thousand words." It's what we strive for as photographers at the end of the day. It's not about perfect lighting, though that helps, it's not about perfect poses, though that too usually makes the client feel better, it's about capturing a true essence on film, the soul of a moment... the truth.

Yes this family had a beautiful new addition come into the world, and yes they hadn't had family photos done in a while, but it was the bond between them, the love that they each had for one another, for Tilly, the way they were going to help each other out without asking, that was really poignant as we ran around the hillsides.

I come from a family with inside ways to tease each other, but the second one of us needs help we are quickly surrounded by the rest, providing protection and assistance. Families are mini ecosystems, when one is effected, the whole is effected. Hanging out with this beautiful clan reminded me so much of my own childhood, and frankly adulthood, everyone around to lend a loving hand without even being asked. They trudged up hills they weren't originally prepared for, teased the one person who forgot to wear jeans, stepped on cactus to make sure baby Tilly was handed off from one to the other without disruption to her spontaneous napping.

For an hour I was a fly on the wall allowing my self to absorb the comforting vibes of a loving family. My mom and I have a saying "they can come to a backyard BBQ", a measurement of how much fun we had hanging out with someone, or think we would have (Anthony Hopkins is always invited). I knew well before this goofy family asked me to photoshop dinosaurs into their picture that I would invite them to the backyard. Their fun loving energy, and the way they just liked being around each other was infectious. Tilly, you are one lucky lady to be joining a family so cool!

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