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It's Finally Time!

Four times during 2019 I was asked to shoot weddings inside on of my favorite Denver landmarks and due to travel, or already booked dates, I was unable to accept. So when Paul and Kacy reached out to me to photograph their postponed 2020 wedding in this intimate place, I was stoked to accept.

The first email I always send to clients is about compatibility. Art is super subjective and while I've been shooting a long time now, I might not be the right fit for everyone. For me I'd rather Brides (and Grooms) have the exact experience they want on their big day by matching up with a photography style that they like, but most importantly with my personality.

While weddings can be about the perfect details, or even in this case a stunning location, to me it is 100% about two amazingly matched souls celebrating their choice to take on the world together. It might be a romanticized idea, but I truly believe when you find the right person, nothing can keep you apart. Lovers that are best friends, each others champions, and true partners are an unstoppable thing and I love watching those bonds get even deeper on their special day. I strive to laugh with couples, and truly capture what brought them to this moment with family and friends: Their Love!

When Kacy and Paul reached out to me I was surprised by how relaxed their email was. Many of the Brides and Grooms I had spoken to during the pandemic where stressed, frantic, or simply saddened by the postponement, or in some cases the complete re-organization, of their big day. Kacy and Paul took the pandemic in stride. For them, their already strong foundation, beautiful friendship, and lifelong bond was so solid that their wedding was simply a celebration of something they already knew... they were meant to be together. Pandemic or no pandemic they felt lucky with the life they had already created. They wanted the signed piece of paper, cake, and dancing, but they didn't need it to be fulfilled.

Kacy explained to me that the pandemic actually allowed them to save up and get more details for their celebration that they wouldn't have been able to afford previously. Taking a year for just them, had helped ease the pressure of saving too much money too quickly, and let them really decide what they wanted on their big day.

I think we can all learn a lesson from Kacy and Paul who truly found a way to make lemonade when life handed them lemons. Sometimes, when things don't seem to be going our way, it can be important to pause for a minute and just go with the flow. You never know what giving a bit of space will let you create.

For these two - meant to be together - cuties, it meant a vintage night of elegance at the top of a clocktower in downtown Denver. It meant cake and dancing, beautiful shawls crafted by loving friends, handblown glass jewelry, Backstreet Boys sneakers to take Kacy down the aisle, and just the right people to celebrate with.

Their wedding might have been postponed, but their love was never for a second put on hold. Congrats you two. I can honestly say that you are some of the funniest, most welcoming, people I have ever met... same goes with your friends and family.

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