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How does your garden grow?

I grew up with a mother that had a super green thumb (said in a fifth element voice). Pulling out her grass she turned half of our backyard into a garden. We had fresh veggies all summer and late into the fall, forming traditions like backyard corn parties that still happen to this day.

When I moved from the mountains I was sad to leave my little oasis of vegetation behind. I had spent years pulling out my own grass and turning my backyard into a flower fairy garden, my side yard into an herb and veggie jungle, and my front plants into a bee and hummingbird paradise. Moving back to a place with a small patio footprint wasn't my dream yard.

Researching garden towers, and potted plant tips and tricks I spent the snow enveloped spring growing all varieties of peppers and tomatoes inside. Some made it to my eventual patio of plants, and others to other home patios I visit frequently. It might not be my final garden dream, but it was a joy to collect fresh jalapeños off the vine just like I did growing up, and make homemade salsas and dips from my own mini veggie patch.

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