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Girl Power

I met my best friend when we both ran a promotions department at a radio network in Denver. Even back in my early 20s I knew that not only was it the best job I would ever have, I was hyper aware that I would never again be lucky enough to have the dynamic I did working next to my bestie every day. While I have loved jobs after, and currently am very happy with the job that I have, the magic that was the golden era of radio will forever be stamped on my heart as one of the best decades I've lived through.

Every year since my bestie moved away we make sure we visit each other and since we helped Taylor Swift get played on the radio (and host her very first show in Denver) we thought it was only fitting we sang along at her Denver show. Of course I loved that we got to dress up, and Sassy was very excited we got to make and exchange bracelets. It's weird thinking about that night backstage at her first concert and how young we all were.

Taylor, you may be one of the 12 concerts I have this year, but you truly were a night to remember. Thanks for my girls night, having my best friend fly was the icing on the cake that has been summer so far!

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