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Forever Young

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

There is an interesting temptation for people in their twenties, especially when all their friends are getting engaged and "starting their lives", to feel rushed to get your partner to propose. The pressure to follow what is shown in media of getting into your forever relationship that early often doesn't allow for people to grow, change, and really discover what they want before they commit to a person.

While Brit and Jared Young met in college, it would be ten years of learning each other, watching other friends get married, living their own lives for themselves (Brit got a huge degree, Jared climbed every difficult mountain he could), before they would decide they were the best partners for each other. They took the time to see if their hobbies matched up, if their pet peeves would be triggered living together, if their intimacy styles were similar, and genuinely checked that they were first and foremost partners. So when Jared proposed, and they set a date, neither of them were overly phased by COVID bumping it off 18 months or so because, after all, they figured out the hardest part, they were good together, why rush when they hadn't rushed anything.

I think we can all take a lesson from these two lovebirds. It is often easy to see friend's pictures and wonder why they are living a "better" life than you are. Why are they engaged and I'm not yet, why does their relationship seem more fun then mine, how do they take more vacations? Instead take a moment to ask yourself "why am I rushing?" "Why do I feel like what I have is less than what they have?" Sometimes a little patience can tell you the most important thing of all, the right thing - the thing that is meant to last - will always be there for you, will always pick you, will always work out!

I was so honored to spend the day with these two soulmates and happy that when their time finally came it was celebrated with all their loved ones.

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