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Finally Fall

It's safe to say that fall is my favorite time of year. There is something about crisp air, golden sage brush, and the smell of people's fireplaces ignited for the first time of the season that makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. The second the leaves begin to change I too make a transition, craving snuggly afternoons filled with reading adventure stories, or researching Colorado ghost towns. A lover of handmade gifts, I start crafting libations, cooking up concoctions, and collect as many trinkets that remind me of the people I love.

While some years I find myself in far away places, or even on mini adventures deep in the Rockies, there is something to be cherished about COVID keeping things closer to home. I love long nightly strolls through crunchy leaves, observing the rituals of others going on around me as I walk through neighborhoods admiring the various architecture. I'm always curious what has been left intact from times past and what changes new owners have brought to a house. It's amazing how the structure of a place, the bones, can remain and yet the people living in it can alter the vibe from what it was to what it now is.

Decorations costume patios, as Halloween bursts out of storage. Twilight brings a kiss of winter to the air that calls coats out of the closet. It's strange that most of the year has gone by already. Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I was a kid. There is something about getting to dress up and surrounding yourself with creepy things that has intrigued me from a young age. Maybe it was because my dad took me to haunted house when I was two and instead of crying I laughed. Maybe it's because I like things that are a bit odd or so unabashedly themselves. Maybe Halloween is just awesome and no reason need be applied.

It's curious how a season can bring such feelings. How you can really come into your own when all the things around you align.

Do you have a favorite season reader?

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