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Feeling Artsy

November is the month of art! For writers it's - write a short novel month- for photographers we are often booked up with family/ holiday card shoots. For other creatives this tends to be the busy season for buying. So in honor of a month dedicated to my type of people, I thought I would showcase a few of my favorite artists. Some will simply be people I think you should follow because they are fabulous humans. Others will be people that I don't know, and don't know that I'm showcasing them, but I absolutely adore their work, and if you are looking for an interesting gift this year you should for sure check them out!

As the leaves die out, and the bite of winter moves in I find myself in an artsy place myself, writing, photographing, wrapping and crafting DIY holiday gifts.

How do you spend your November dear reader? I hope you can spend it with me and be inspired by these wonderful people.

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