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Farm life

Life has a way of being serendipitous. Earlier this year I was going through my endless photography files and I ran across a batch of frost-covered winter wonders I had taken a few years back at a Colorado state park. Not only was the park new to me, I was excited to explore at the beginning of the year for my birthday, but it was covered in a most recent snow dusting and I was elated to play around with some winter photography. I ended up having so much fun exploring I made it home with only a few photos but lots of memories, so as I rediscovered the small batch of images I had captured I told myself I would have to go back out to this park in a different season and explore again. 

Little did I know a few months down the road I would get the chance again... 

(One of the few images from the frost covered landscape Jan 5, 2021)

Years ago I met a family while living in Evergreen who, like me, stayed in their mountain bliss bubble, not getting out much to do anything with people beyond the few interactions they wanted to have outside of their close circle. I was contacted by this lovely mother who told me that she did not have a photographer and didn't know many in Evergreen but she had seen my photos from another family her children played with and would I be willing to take some images for them. They quickly became one of my favorite families to photograph, the love and fun they put into the world were infectious. When they moved, and then I moved years later, we lost touch and I often thought of this wonderful family and where they were now. 

Turns out, two of my past stories would collide this year in such a beautiful way. In late summer this wonderful family got in contact with me again to take some pictures. They not only had moved, but they moved super close to this fun Colorado state park I had ventured to in 2021. They wanted to know if I would come photograph them on their farm with their cows... that's right, their cows. 

Needless to say, I was elated. 

I can't wait to beg them to let me come down and capture some images in the snow in the future. This shoot was such a joy to work on! What lucky boys to be able to be surrounded by so many animals and so much love.

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