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Family forever

It's that family photo time of year again. As kids get back into the swing of school and holidays start to ramp up, the air turns cool and the foliage begins is preparation for winter, families often think about capturing an image to share with friends and family.

Does your family mail out picture cards in December? Do you send regular notes instead? Are you the type of family that doesn't do anything?

While I personally start thinking about what I'm going to do around September (as I like to add photoshop to my card, and I'm cheap so I like to purchase it during end of summer discount deals with plenty of time for the slowest and cheapest shipping) this time of year gets me excited not only to mail my cards out, but to receive ones from my friends. I have a specific wall I love to tack them up on slowly decorating my space with faces and carefully selected themed notes from loved ones. I will say I usually beat most people to the punch (I mean if you purchase your stuff in September it's hard not to be ready to mail them out by Thanksgiving) but this year I wanted to wait for some fall images and a few friends were quicker to get the stamps on.

As I wind down the last photoshoots I will do this year and slowly get into winter hibernation mode thinking about snowshoeing, whiskey drinking, boardgame filled nights, and dedicated time with friends and loved ones over the next few months, I can't help but be grateful for these families that shared a fun filled afternoon with me sometime this year. I am forever thankful to get a glimpse into their private worlds. I love seeing the genuine admiration these adoring people have for each other, and how comfortable they move as a unit. I love watching inside jokes, true connection, and pure happiness as they live healthy and active lives.

My family is super close. While we might joke with each other, if anyone of us need something we'd all drop whatever we were doing to help each other out. As I look forward to new members of the family next year, and look back at celebrating the ones I already got this year, I feel gratitude for a love that can't be broken.

Whatever you are planning with your family this year, whatever you want to do with your loved ones, I hope you get the change to enjoy every delicious second and grow closer together in the coming year!

Next few posts will be my personal look back and things and artists I've enjoyed in 2021 =)

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