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Falling for you

I can't remember when I met these two now. I do remember it was before they got married, they had that newly engaged glow, but it feels like they have just been in my life for years. You know those people that you just find to be the most amazing people and you slowly adopt them as people you want to know forever... that was these lovely two humans for me. So you can imagine how elated I was when I received an email from them during COVID that their family was expanding and two were going to be three.

I feel so honored that I get to be on this journey with this adorable family, to watch them grow, thrive, and come even more into their own. I'm a sucker for true love in all forms, for the way partners look at each other when the other isn't looking, the way natural parents are so good and patient with adventurous and spirited kids. I so thoroughly love the time I get with these three that I spend my drive home after being with them getting excited for the next time we all get to play together.

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