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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Today is this beautiful woman's birthday so I thought I would take a moment to talk about human chemistry.

When most people hear the word chemistry it's common to think about romance. You often get told "it's great you think he/she is cute, but is there chemistry?" when you are in the early stages of dating someone. Having "chemistry" with someone gets labeled as a physically intimate trait and yet I think that limits the power chemistry truly has.

For me, chemistry is a person that makes being yourself easy. Having work chemistry with someone means being around the makes it easy to get the job done. Even hard tasks become less of a chore when you have chemistry with your teammates. You ebb and flow together to push through a process, often not feeling the pressure you otherwise would have alone, or with someone else.

With a friend chemistry comes in the form of being able to be your most raw and vulnerable self. The friends you have chemistry with allow you to be in the mood you are truly in, goofy, sad, anxious, happy, without asking you to conform to the group, or put on a mask (I mean an emotional mask, always wear a physical mask during COVID). They make it easy to feel safe to share the most intimate parts of yourself. We all have those friends, the ones we can have any conversation with because one thought bleeds into the next with such ease that talking for hours happens without realizing it.

This beautiful birthday girl and I have both a friendship and work chemistry. Even though we shoot weddings together we still find it fun to dress up ourselves and head out into the recesses of Colorado to play around with our cameras. She makes it easy to want to try new things, practice new techniques, and just be silly in front of - or behind - the lens. I'm grateful we teamed up years ago to capture other people's memories, but even more so that we met years before that and became soul sisters.

Of course physical intimate chemistry is also important!

No matter what aspect of your life, find yourself a partner, dear reader, that you have chemistry with. A friend that has the ability to let you be your authentic self, a co-worker that makes jobs fun and easier, a lover that enhances you and lifts you up - holding your hand while doing things you both love.

Yes, the truth behind every beautiful photoshoot is that we wear masks when not on camera, and bundle up on cold days!

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