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Carried away

June 21st marked the day these two beautiful souls planned to promise their life to each other in front of family and friends. When we talked last September about their upcoming nuptials they were fully planned, every detail accounted for. They were the couple that had things nailed down, booked, ordered, and decisions made so they could sit back and enjoy their engagement. As March rolled around, along with the rest of the world they watched all their ideas dissolve in the sea of health safety uncertainty. April came and went and like many other couples they made the painful decision to postpone the huge day they had been so ready for.

While there are so many things that seem to go wrong during a crisis, I think it is actually a moment that can be enlightening. People's true character often emerges, those who panic panic, those who help usually jump in and help, more often then not you find out who is there for you, and where your true priorities lie. When faced with a global pandemic Doug and Megan gathered their closest friends and decided that June 21st was still going to be their day. Six feet apart, in a dress she didn't originally plan to wear, with hair she did herself, and in a location picked based on the lack of other people, they looked each other in the eye and promised to fight anything that came their way together.

With all the choices one can make for your wedding these days having a best friend make your bouquet, and a great mate be your flower "girl", having a friend officiate, and another record, can end up being the most intimate, and love drenched ceremony you can have. Sometimes, when everything is taken away, you realize that all you need to be carried away is what you already hold so near and dear to your heart.

Congrats to Doug and Megan and all the other brave couples out there sticking their tongue out (metaphorically and safely) at COVID and showing us all what love truly means.

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