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Bringing out the best

This year I‘ve been a bit more private here on the blog, focusing mostly on the copious photo sessions that decorated the days of 2021. But a year with this many good memories is hard not to share and I’ve decided to leave my private bubble for but a moment to recount a much needed recent trip with my Best Friend.

They say two souls that are truly destined to meet can never be kept apart, that if you are lucky enough to have one person in your life that gets you to your core, has your back, laughs at the same jokes, and someone you don’t get sick of being around - your ride or die so to speak- that you are lucky.

I became lucky the day I met my soul mate, Sassy.

When she moved away seven years ago now (holy crap has it been that long 😢) she took a part of me with her and our long distance relationship began. While there are many horrible things about COVID, online classes, plays, concerts, and comedy shows being so readily available became the greatest gift. We’ve gotten better at our crafts, cried at sappy theatre, and enjoyed up and coming artists as we each sat in our respective living rooms, so many activities being easier to access. Getting a night a week with her in a new technology enhanced world has made our unbreakable bond even stronger.

All that being said there is nothing like seeing her in person.

She was one of the last trips I took before COVID and she was my last scheduled plane flight for 2021. Masks off for the first time in a long time, vaccinated and boosted, we spent a magical couple of days together under the Austin sky. So grateful for this love, and our decades of best friender!

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