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An alchemist of hearts, she turned my soul into gold - Atticus

Christine changes in the car as Ian and I hang out in the field of "wheat" (I can still hear her laughing about him calling it that) talking about how they met. He was looking for friends in Denver, she was looking for a free dinner, and he knew almost instantly that they both were going to end up getting more.

As he describes it, other women in his life were nice, good people, but Christine lets him be him. He becomes the Ian he envisions when he looks in the mirror, so much so his family comments about how much more he is himself every time he takes her home. She gets him, challenges him, and is the closest version to home that he's ever felt. She is the other half of him that allows him to be whole as a person, just as he is. To some their whirlwind romance might seem quick (they moved in together shortly after they met) but for a couple of soulmates it feels to them as though this is simply one more life they've been blessed to live together. They are the quintessential saying "when you know you know".

They say we all have flaws, and the key is not to find someone to fix your flaws but someone that loves your flaws, and you just the way you are. Two people couldn't embody this idea more than this adorable couple. Naturally finding their ways into cuddles, hugs, and excitedly jumping into piggy back rides when I request it, you can tell they are a match made from stardust.

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