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All You Need Is Love

While COVID has slowed down many people's journey to the alter, it's often provided some time for reflection and reorganization. For some, like this beautiful Boulder couple, the ideas of a big wedding with lavish details faded into the background as the realization that being man and wife was the only thing that really mattered.

After waiting too long to be officially man and wife, this beautiful couple decided to slim down their ceremony to the few people in their life that not only could make it, but that would truly support them in their new chapter. With other loved ones online watching through zoom, they headed up to the flatirons to promise each other a life of joy, laughter, music, and most importantly love. It's a good reminder for all of us that when planning things gets too stressful it's nice to sit back and think about the part that really matters and focus on that.

As I watched, honored I got to be part of their big day, I though of how lucky I am to have true love and devotion just like they do, and how happy I was to see them take each other's hand into the future. I was reminded that having the best friends by your side ensures that even if your wedding wasn't what you originally hoped it would be, it will be everything you need it to be through their love and support. That those you surround yourself with are the true basis of who you are and how great your life will be.

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