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Adding to the love...

When beautiful Christine went into labor with her adorable muffin the world was still wearing masks, socially distancing, and wondering if the vaccines would work and what "returning to normal" would look like. We met at red rocks park where we could be outside, stay 6 feet from each other, and provide as much safe normalcy to her first pregnancy as possible.

What a difference a few years makes. With this adorably rambunctious and most polite toddler I've ever met in tow, Christine and Ian laughed, hiked, and played their way through this second photoshoot with the ease that Christine makes every pregnancy look. Not only did he keep us all laughing and is guaranteed to do so for this future addition, he is going to be the kindest big brother.

I always feel incredibly blessed to spend some time with these wonderful people who remind me time and again that no matter what is going on, good people like them exist and the world is better for it. T

I can't wait to meet the new addition to this stellar family, you are so lucky to be joining them!

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