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A weekend with the Steven Family

There are times of year photographers are booked for different things. Spring is for the blooming of new beginnings, lots of love between two souls agreeing to come together and walk the same path. Summers are saturated with I Dos. Fall is for seniors getting ready to go into their final year of high school, so hopefully for what the future has in store for them.

Winter belongs to families.

Whether it's for holiday card photo sessions, or simply getting together, something about this time of year invites joining with the ones you love. It's warm, it's cuddly, it's home.

It's a super fun season for me because I often get booked for 30 minute sessions which give me a quick glimpse into the life of people. It's like window shopping when all the stores are decorated and have brought out their best to entice customers to come in. I get to see the playful, sometimes the tears, the laughs and smiles. Or, like with the Steven family, I get to see the bottled up energy of two amazingly energetic boys. I get to play with sticks, climb through teepees, and slide down leaf embankments to run through dried river streams.

This season is always a pleasure.

It's also tricky with the weather and sitting editing the rest of these images, as snow flutters outside my windows, I'm grateful we made the right choice to do this session earlier in the weekend. What are you doing on these cold days reader?

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