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A little bit of magic

It’s amazing how quickly life can fill up. How moments turn to months and before you know it half the year has gone by. At the start of each year I make a wish list, sitting in my favorite bar, coffee shop, or library nook I dream of what could potentially be in the 365 days to come. Sometimes these are personal goals, leadership programs, difficulties I want to conquer, more time I want to spend on and with the things and people I love. Other times they are a request from the universe that if I am willing to watch the first golden birth of sunlight more frequently, get my feet dirty more often, am open to being dazzled by things I didn't plan for and hidden gems most don't take the time to notice, that maybe the year will shape up to surprise me in the most delightful ways.

This year has been one of growth for me, of being proud of the seat I'm in, leaning into the love of my tribe around me, of finding the magic in the moments, especially the ones that I least expect. It's been dances on frozen lakes, sunrises in a land of geological cotton candy, scrambles to ancient ruins not marked on maps, check marks on bucket lists, strolls through lush forest fortresses, fine grains of sand so soft on bare feet, and a few extra miles of elevation gain to landscapes devoid of other souls.

It has tested the limits of my patience and tightened the strings on bonds I already knew were too strong for anything to break. It has been a hell of a half of year and I can't wait to see what the rest has in store.

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