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Forever type of friends

It's five am, I'm bouncing down a dusty road watching the star spotted sky bleach a morning blue. It's been a while since I've been backpacking and I'm nervous that I over packed. In all my years heading into the woods with everything I need on my back I've found it impossible not to feel as though I have simultaneously forgotten something ...and have brought way too much with me.

Mist lifts it's thin veil over marsh land lining my drive, and I laugh in my head as I call it the lake effect, knowing my friends in the National Weather Service would shake their heads at the inaccurate label. Still I like it and I watch the low laying moisture dance above the land where moose live.

I don't see any.

I've talked about rebuilding my friends group many times in my blogs over the years. As I've changed in life so have my interest, and naturally those people I want around me. I read somewhere that you are the sum of the five closest people to you, and while I think I'm a strong personality that helps me have my own traits, I do see that I'm a better person based on those that are close to me.

Heading out for this backpacking trip with these girls I feel not only blessed to be working them into my close inner circle, but grateful I got rid of the people that didn't fit so I could have room for genuine bonds. Each woman unique, fun, and lovely in her own individual way.

In a world without COVID it can be difficult to meet up with people , throw in a global pandemic and getting four people's schedules to match up, and everyone to feel safe can be a challenge. After negotiating dates, and research by April, I pull into a parking spot and wait for the others, repacking parts of my bag to help with the four mile hike up.

I feel like a little kid on the first day of school eagerly anticipating getting to spend the next couple days with friends I want to grow even closer to. I'm still shoving my sandals into the outside of my bag when April walks up to let me know everyone has arrived a bit further down the parking lot and they too are getting ready. She and Christina have brought cupcakes as a treat to start our adventure.... see why I love these ladies?!?!?

My fears of over packing are alleviated when I see that everyone's backpack is about the same size. It the world of pandemics we each decide to bring our own things instead of sharing, making each person's pack pregnant with survival supplies. Shoving the final crumbs of gluten free gooey goodness into our mouths we eagerly hit the trail in a race to beat the other hikers also starting this journey early. Spots at the lake are a free for all and our goal is to find some seclusion among the pines.

While I may seem to share my whole life online, giving out private details periodically, I'm actually a pretty private person. For every blog post I have four secret trips/ adventures with people I love that I don't share. Sometimes I post clues in photos I don't overly draw attention to, but for the most part I keep my most intimate moments off the world wide web and inside my inner circle. My journeys and connections to people are sacred to me and because of that I will end this story here.

I can say the hike was beautiful, that we found a 'secret' lake we enjoyed thoroughly, that it's a treat to adventure with other backpackers, and that I'm so glad these ladies are my friends. I can't wait for our next exploration together.... our little club of wanderers.

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