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Finding Your Family

Four years ago these beautiful ladies asked me to photograph their wedding. To say that I was honored would be an understatement. Not only are they two beautiful souls, but they are so in love and have a genuine friendship, it radiates off of each of them.

While I get emotional at some point in time during most weddings I work, I full out sobbed when Anne read her vows to Kelsey. It was the type of promise not composed of vows they had borrowed from other people, but a heartfelt confession of the spirit from Anne to her soon-to-be-wife. There is something to be said about personalized vows and the intimacy they create on your big day. For that moment, as they stood at the alter in front of guests, and vendors, they were truly alone with each other, the world melting away around them. The bond they made that day was the type of thing that makes the world a better place and I left that wedding knowing these wonderful humans would do big things and live a lovely life.

One of my great joys during this interesting time in history has been little moments with people who want to capture their journey in life. Whether it's an elopement, or a family photo session, senior photos, or an engagement, I might have to stand further away and use a larger lens but I've loved being part of the next chapter in people's lives.

When Kelsey wrote me to tell me she and Anne had had a son, and that they were looking to get some photos done I was over the moon to reconnect with these two. On my drive up to our mountain location I wondered what this little boy would be like. Both his parents are so calm, collected, and truly happy souls, would he at six months old already possess those traits?

It's hard in a world of social distancing to resist the urge to hug people but I was flooded with the overwhelming desire to squeeze both Anne and Kelsey as they got out of the car. I peppered them with questions about how life had been, how they were coping, and finally all about the blue eyed babe they were rousing from a drunken sleep only a long car ride can provide. He stared at me with big happy eyes and first thing waking up smiled a huge smile.

I knew I was in for a treat.

There are moments when you are working with kiddos that sometimes it's easy to forget what age they are. When they possess personalities that shine through their bald heads, lack of teeth, and horrible balance. Spending half an hour with this adorable family I often forgot that this little babe had only been in the world six months. He smiled, giggled, posed for the camera, and was attentive to the world around him. Being so content with his Moms he truly enjoyed whatever scenario or outfit we put him in. Soon I just stood back and let them be together as their connection was stronger than any pose or suggestion I could conjure.

It's an understatement to say this little man stole the show.

I don't know what the world has in store for us, though I'm sure these three aren't minding the extra time together at home right now, but I do know that no matter what this family has an unbreakable bond woven with a love so strong the world around them melts away. Kelsey and Anne I'm so happy for the two of you. It's beautiful to see a love that grows through any obstacle. This little boy has no idea how lucky he is, though I'm sure you two feel you are the lucky ones.

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