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Family First

One of my favorite things about this time of year is getting to meet up with families for holiday photos. Some families treat themselves to images throughout the year or have occasions that call for photos to be taken, but many families wait until the holidays to capture an image they will send out with their various holiday greetings. Not having seen this beautiful family for a whole year I was shocked by how big the boys had grown, and how much more they were all doing together as a family.

Like reading a good book and then waiting impatiently for the sequel so you can be with your friends again, it was nice to catch up from 6 ft away as the boys played. Talk of potential mountain biking last year was now a conversation about how fun it was to ride dusty trails. The hiking and adventures they were all so good at had only increased, and the boys were expert rock throwers and trail runners during our session.

While we are still in a pandemic and things are not as they used to be, it's a joy of mine to be out with a family so rooted in love for each other that the simple moments become big ones. Those times when they aren't paying attention to the camera and are just being themselves show what a bond they truly have.

I'm sad it will be a year before I see these wonderful people. I wonder what the world will be like when I do get a chance to hang with them. I'm hoping we won't have to wear our masks when the camera isn't on (we were safe and wore masks for everything but these pictures, and we were well away from people). No matter what I know this adventurous family will have lived life to the fullest, exploring every corner of their unlimited imagination.

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