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A summer well spent

The beginning of this year started off weird. The Marshall Fire burned through homes and businesses, eating it's way towards my friends and family, throwing off the little vacation I had planned to ring in the new year. It ended up marking a year of constant change, of upset plans and shifting schedules, of rolling with the punches and making the best of things. It put life in perspective, and showed where true genuine connections could never be broken. Despite cancelations, and moving schedules, I got deeper and closer with those in my life. The bonds that I've formed over years have truly transformed into unbreakable soul contracts with my forever favorites. I am blessed to have the best people in my life to go through whatever is thrown our way.

Going into summer I could hardly believe that winter had finally thawed and wildflowers were moments away from opening their precious pedals to golden and very ready bees. The first few seasons had seemed like a blur with busy calendars and unforeseen things popping up left and right. It was finally time for camping, concerts, lots and lots of theatre, girls cabin nights, new towns, and delicious adventures. Gardens were grown, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and flowers pushed through well tended soil and greeted the sun. Tents were staked and campfires were stoked under a blanket of Rocky Mountain stars. New trails were forged and ghost towns explored. Favorite songs were sung in crowds of fans at stadiums that have hosted giants. Hands in the air, swaying to the beat as the last notes rang out on nights worth remembering. Legends evoked emotion on stages at Denver's best broadway theatre and the fourth trip to Meow Wolf showed that even new things can be discovered with fresh eyes.

It was a summer well spent. The little snippets of moments that were available were chalked full of love, laughter, and moments that will forever hold a special shelf in the corners of our minds.

As we move into my favorite season I tenderly hold on to the last wisps of summer that left such a good taste in the mouth.

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